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Product Development

A Comprehensive Approach

Blank Innovations has the experience and the ability to successfully bring a new product to market. We expertise in translating the customer's needs into engineering requirements, and execute to deliver a top quality products.

Verification & Validation

Working P​roduct. Validated

Verification and validation of the product is a vital process in the project. As such, we found the infrastructure for V&V early in the project life and consider it throughout the work plan. Blank innovation is highly experienced in the design and execution of V&V processes.

Tech. Due Diligence

Professional tech. experts

Working with Privet investors, VCs and other groups, assessment of technological risks, resources and R&D strategy

Project Management

Professional leadership

Blank Innovations uniquely integrates into companies to join or act as its engineering team. Our strength is the ability to lead projects, work plans, risk analysis, design and testing - from requirement to product.

Accelerated Aging

Accurate Simulating Models

With vast experience in the field of implants and deep understanding of the human body, Blank Innovations has developed a unique mindset that allows us to accurately define accelerated aging models based on natural physical behavior of the human body.

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