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Kobi Blank

Founder & CEO

An experienced R&D leader, with vast experience in active implants and accelerated aging theoretical and practical models. Highly skilled in the technical, engineering and management fields with years of experience as a multi-disciplinary team leader.​

Moshe Kohen

R&D Team Leader

With 10 years of experience in the medical device industry, Moshe is an innovation driven engineer with expertise in multidisciplinary product design, project plan and project execution. 

Raz Cohen

R&D Mechanical Engineer

A bright and enthused engineer, with an excellent perception of the development process, from definition to reality. Being medical field oriented, Raz has the ability to translate medical needs into engineering requirements.


Our team is a diverse ensemble of engineers with expertise ranging is the fields of mechanical, electrical, system and industrial engineering. Our diversity and experience as individuals and as a team allow us to deliver unique, innovative and practical solutions. Blank Innovations pride itself for its skilled, passionate, innovative personal, who strive for highest degree of R&D work for our customers.

Collaboration - Kobi Kor

Industrial Designer

Kobi is a leading industrial designer with specialties in innovation and design of sustainable experiences, solutions and products. Many years of experience in design activities at company level and project level in the fields of medical devices for products and systems.

Blank Innovations has a long and successful collaboration relationship with Kobi Kor.

Naor Sagi

Electrical Engineer

Through 12 years of work experience Naor has worked in various fields of engineering and software. He lead and participated in projects of different magnitudes in both managing and development positions, at which he developed products from initial demand to successful completion. 

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